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Add more value to your home with a beautiful Bathroom remodel or Kitchen Cabinets

We work with residential and commercial clients, homeowners, insurance companies and property managers. We are the company for you. If you need Design help, engineering consultants or architects, we have vetted and valued relationships with each.

Now Providing Emergency Services

Along with providing high quality building supplies, we now offer emergency service repairs and restoration. Now you can have the convenience of only working with one company that handles everything instead of dealing with multiple contractors. Let Volunteer Building Services handle everything for you!

Building Services in Knoxville, TN

We all imagine our dream home. Most “would-be “homeowners discover that finding their forever or dream home becomes very difficult. Who wants to spend their life wishing for a dream home when VBS can bring it to you? We embrace the “complex anomalies “and reach above industry standards with meticulous somewhat obsessive attention to details most builders overlook. Volunteer building Services can bring your “dream house” to your current home.

We have a better solution to shopping for your dream home: envision and create your dream home AT home.

With over 3000 customers, VBS has been providing the perfect project to our clients in East Tn for two decades. We combine your ideas with top-quality craftsmanship and expert construction creating the dream house that will become YOUR dream home. VBS invites you to work alongside one of our structural engineers and interior designer referrals for beautiful and quality results today!

Our Experience

Our company was formed in the spring of 2005 with almost 20 years behind us and combined experience of over 100 years. We have spent much time perfecting and vetting our installers, excavators, and subs.

Although we do have the ability to design, we work with many architects, interior designers, and engineers to help guide clients in decisions regarding design and planning. Not only is quality craftsmanship a must, but many contractors also don’t understand the “science” behind construction in regards to “engineering controls” such as airflow, humidity, and the importance of moisture control. We have 18 years of continued education in this specific field.

Our robust job planning and management software gives you real-time access to updates, notes, and progress of your project using a “Job Link.” This ensures quality not only exists in craftsmanship but also in communication.
1 Million Dollar Limit